Monday, November 26, 2007

More on Howie Steindler

I have had these newspaper clippings of Howie and the prayer book from the funeral, hidden away in a scrap book for thirty years (the accompanying photo was taken from the web). I have never seen these articles or the articles from the preceding post, on the web. Seems like time has not been as kind to Howie's memory as he deserves. He was a iconic Los Angeles boxing figure at one time and deserves to be remembered, for boxing history's sake. Trainers like Howie and Mel Epstein are becoming extinct. I have other various newspaper clippings that I will be posting from time to time.

Howie at his beloved Main Street Gym in Los Angeles

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Brian said...

As we say,"Zichronon Livrocha"(His memory is a blessing).

Randyman said...

As they say in Boyle Heights (the old Boyle Heights) "yasher koyekh" (I looked it up) If I said it wrong then "zayt moykhl". If I said that wrong, then as they say in the newer (relatively speaking) Boyle Heights "Orale Pues".

Brian said...

...I need to take Hebrew lessons from you...I shoulda said 'Zichrana livracha'...As long as the Breed Street Synagogue is in Boyle Heights will always be Boyle Heights(Duran is Duran).I'm gonna start saying 'orale pues'.(Iam guessing Howie Steindler's favorite Yiddish expression would be,'gay cockin' affin' yahm'-go shit in the ocean'.)

Randyman said...

Well, I never heard him say it but it fits him (and Mel) to a tee. Both of them would mumble a curse word under their breath.