Monday, July 28, 2008

Canchila defeats Segura for WBA title

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

By Scottg
First off , I'm nor trying to take over your web page R-Man you have built an awesome site here. But, I happened to notice that this site neglected to recognize the new WBA light flyweight champion Cesar Canchila with an impressive decsion win over previously unbeaten Giovani Segura on last Saturdays Cotto/Margarito under card. He weathered Segura's counter punching bombs early on, got up off the canvas, settled down and boxed very well. He negated Segura's looping bombs by using straight sharp jabs and power punches to almost close Segura's right eye. Just an observation on my part but did anyone else notice that when Segura threw his right he dropped his left down to his waist and when he threw his left he also brought it back low. >>>


Randy De La O said...

Are you kidding, i'm glad you did. I'm just one guy and sometimes I have to pick and choose. I look forward to the support.

brian said...

No,I missed the flaw;I was distracted by the two fights for the price of one deal.After Segura dropped Canchilla,it looked like he took the rest of the night off.

ScottG said...

It did look like he slowed down after he knocked him down, but I think Canchilla's corner did an excellent job of first recognizing the flaws in Segura's style, then guiding him. I did notice that he started throwing 3 and 4 punch combos in the 3rd round and Segura would stop throwing then. He also did a much better job of letting Segura miss with a looping punch then hammer him with good fast straight counter punches.

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