Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jimmy Ellis vs Floyd Patterson 9/14/1968

Rick Farris writes: "Patterson-Ellis This fight was televised live in the U.S. and Floyd's decision loss, preventing him from regaing the title an unprecidented third time, remains the worst decision I have ever seen in a heavyweight title fight. For U.S. TV reasons, the bout was held in the dark early morning hours, outdoors while snowing. I still recall both boxers entering the ring wearing ski pants. -Rick

John Bardelli writes: Rick ... Patterson beat a good fighter in Jimmy Ellis ... beat him coming and going. Beat him bad. Ellis hit Patterson with some wicked right hands and Patterson's jaw took all that Ellis had to offer and Patterson gave five times what Ellis delivered. I felt so bad for Patterson after this fight .... it made me sick! This was a low point in boxing history ... a black eye for the sport! Here is the fight in seven parts ... it bears looking at. Patterson was a real credit to life ... let alone boxing.


Unknown said...

Yes, Patterson was a credit to his race---the human race. I met him later, and he was a great person. A Kurt Warner, only with much better taste in women. But he did NOT deserve the decision vs. Ellis. He SHOULD, and COULD, have won the fight...possibly by a ko, but, for some reason, didn't have the desire/motivation. The physical skills were still there, but, at his career stage, they alone weren't enough.

Anonymous said...

I had Patterson winning 12-2-2. Gave Patterson two points in 14th round for knockdown that Harold Valen didn't call. Years later, Valen gave Chuck Wepner the nod over Ernie Terrell in New Jersey. Some of the press had Terrill winning 10 of 12 rounds. No one had Wepner winning the fight except Valen. After Ellis v Patterson fight, Ring Magnazine suggested that maybe Valen shouldn't referee another fight.

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