Monday, September 15, 2008

An Open Letter to Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao

Dear Oscar and Manny,

I know you guys think that boxing fans want to see the two of you guys fight. I’m sure that your advisors have convinced you that this will be the biggest money maker of all time. Maybe they’re right, I don't know. I’m no expert on money making. I’ll tell you what I do know about. I know a little about boxing. I know that the real fans, the fans that have made both of you rich beyond your wildest dreams are owed a little something. I’m not talking about a fight like the Steve Forbes fight that was shown on “free” HBO Boxing. Trust me, it wasn’t free.

No, guys, what I’m talking about is giving the fans, the ones that made you rich, the best possible fight they can ask for. A fight they deserve. That would be you Oscar fighting Antonio Margarito and you Manny doing the right thing by fighting Juan Manuel Marquez. Manny, a lot of fans think Marquez beat you in both fights, that you were lucky to get a draw and a split decision as you did. Maybe in your heart you really don’t believe you can beat Marquez. Not being a mind reader I couldn’t say. But it can’t be because you don’t think he deserves it, because if Marquez doesn’t deserve a rematch, then no one in boxing history ever deserved one.

Oscar, believe me when I say I have been one of your biggest supporters. Even when the press and fans started to write or say some unflattering things about you, I was there, showing them why you were still the best man out there. I converted and reconverted a lot of boxing fans into Oscar De La Hoya fans. I didn’t charge you for it either because I believed in what I was saying. Lately though, it’s been difficult to defend your actions. C’mon Oscar, forget about Pacquiao. It’s not that I don’t think you can beat Manny. That's just it!  I know you can but it almost seems unfair. No Oscar, the fight for you is Antonio Margarito. Oscar, very few people believe me when I say you can beat Margarito. Maybe you don’t believe it, but you can. It's possible. He is not a machine. 

For once Oscar, forget about what Mexican fight fans think about you. You have been fighting profesionally since 1992. It doesn't matter to them who you fight. They are not, in 2008, going to think more, or less of you than they already do. That's a done deal. For once Oscar, think about your Mexican American fans that have supported you. Consider us. Consider the American fans! Mexican fans pay to see you lose Oscar, the rest of us pay to see you win. 

There was a time Oscar, when you used to speak about boxing history, your legacy and how you wanted to leave boxing with class. You used to speak with a certain reverence about your own legacy. You don’t speak that way anymore Oscar. Don’t let your reverence and legacy be about the almighty dollar. Let it be about what you did in the ring, the way you fought, the way you ducked no one, the way you won with grace and more importantly, the way you lost. It says a lot about a fighter, Oscar in the way he loses. You always lost with dignity. If you lost to Margarito in fight where you gave your all, who could fault you? You're thirty five years old. Past your prime years but still one of the best, still formidable.

Manny, in your case it really would be an accurate perception of you ducking your hardest, fiercest rival. You are still at your peak, there is no excuse for you. To be honest, I don’t think you can beat Marquez and my guess is, neither do you. Don’t let your legacy be that you won your best fights against aging Mexican greats that were well past their best days. Do the right thing Manny. Fight Marquez! You will never find a worthier opponent.

Randy De La O


Mike Duffau said...

well said randy! you took the words right out of my mouth. and im sure alot of people feel the same way. de la hoya's reputation will drop if he loses. im behind you 100% on this one, champ!

brian said... that we have the momentum..but regarding Margarito-he's fought at 154,so why not have him move up for the fight?I don't know why he wouldn't.If it's an issue of 'title recognition' at this point,I'm sure they can at least get something like the IBO to call it a title fight...?

ScottG said...

Well said Randy your right on with this one. It's a no fight for me and I won't pay 50 cents to see Oscar fight a much smaller Manny. I'll repeat what I said on an earlier post...

With Oscar at 5'9" and Manny at 5'6 1/2" I think Oscar made the right fight for him, Negate the youth, speed and aggressiveness by just being the bigger guy. Fighting at 147 is perfect for him, Manny will make it easily with sand in his pockets and Oscar will come into the fight after re hydrating at 155 +- pounds. he shouldn't lose to this much smaller fighter.

Mike Duffau said...

benny always tells me that the weigh-ins should be 8 hours before the fight, like it used to be instead of a day before. de la hoya is gonna be bigger and stronger. its not fair!

Frank said...

Champ, back when my boys were fighting at the Olympic, the weightin's were at 11 am the day of the fight, fighters were fighting at their true weight, most of the time anyway.

Mike Duffau said...

thats the way its suppose to be!

Mike Duffau said...

thats the way its suppose to be!

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