Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old man Oscar is done...

By ScottG

Old man Oscar should have never fought a no win fight like this. He had nothing to gain and lost his dignity, That's right I said it, his dignity. He quit sitting on his butt between rounds. Even if Manny falls into the trap of fight the bigger guys for more money, he better be careful who he picks and stay with the older set of fighters that still have a name and are trying to prove they still have something to offer. Manny owns the lower division and would be crazy to stay up at welter. If he does he gets beat by a welter that’s young and fast and stronger. Not like Oscar had nothing to offer but a very nice payday for himself and Manny. De La Hoya fans should feel duped. Randyman stated that his son thought that he quit and you thought that he couldn't continue. Randyman’s son was 100% right. He QUIT on his stool. He was conscious, unhurt, and had presence of mind. What he also had was a pile of money and no real reason to continue being embarrassed. He had no title at stake, and had no chance to win the fight, so he quit in front of his god and everyone. He quit on his legion of fans that had put their hopes and their money on him. I think it would have been better for him to fight another Mexican like Chavez did for him so he could have also passed the torch to a younger stronger man for the fans to latch onto. He was just too selfish to share the fan base or give them up to someone other than himself. So, with that said ...Good by De La Hoya the man that was as they often become under .500 his last few years in the ring. And has more ego than skills allow.


lemuel said...

I'm a Filipino and a Manny Pacquiao fan, don't get me wrong because before the 2 fighters met, i am also a de la hoya fan. I watched his bout against mayorga and mayweather. Its good to meet an oscar de la hoya fan who did not get mad at him after picking the fight with manny. its too bad a lot of his previous fans abandoned him when he started losing. de la hoya was an icon in boxing and forever will be among the elite in boxing. just like every boxer, no one can fight forever, age and speed will soon catch you, its just a matter of choosing the right time to retire. thanks and i enjoyed reading your posts about the fight.

brian said...;minority opinion,here.He may be "old",but he isn't very old.And he "may be through",but I do not go by this fight.Oscar hasn't made 147 since March 24,2001 for Arturo Gatti.He moved up for the right reason-he could no longer make the weight unless "he killed himself"-and from what I understand he looked like death at the weigh-in. If he fights again at '54-or seriously decides to prepare to move up to 160-rather than putz around with his last bad experiment at middleweight -than we'll see.

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