Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Frankie Baltazar Jr. vs Charles Young

Frankie Baltazar Jr's final fight, against Charles Young, a 9th round TKO victory by Baltazar, at the Marriott, Irvine, California, October 24, 1991.

"Funny story to this fight, the contract was for 143lbs, give or take, at the morning weight-in Young came in at 148lbs, under the CSAC rules a fighter can only lose two pounds and be allow to fight, Young was into Don Fraser for hundreds of dollars in advances, so Don couldn't afford to lose the fight, Don asked me if we would fight young at 146lbs. I said yes, we'll fight him at 146lbs and we'll also take 10% of his purse, the CSAC guy jumped up and said "you can't do that!", "the hell we can't" I said, I told him look at your rule book, he gets a rule book and starts reading, he tells me "I guess you can", also the CSAC got 10% of Young's purse.

Now Young came to the fight without corner men, so he hired Chuck Bodak and Jerry Boyd to work his corner, after the fight Chuck comes up to me and asked me if I have seen Young, I said no, he tells me "he hasn't paid us" I told Chuck "good luck" because Young was long gone." ....Frank Baltazar


Frank "kiki" Baltazar said...

Randy, can you post this on my blog?

Randy De La O said...

Frank, I made this for you. I only put it here because I wasn't sure It could be sent via email.

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