Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update on Rodriguez and Han

By Louie Burke

The press conference was well attended by the public and the press. There was not much smack talking, just the usual "I’ve trained hard and I’m ready to fight" comments. It was a lot tamer than the press conference in Panama. Robert Davis arrived last night, he’s a big man and appears ready to give David all he can handle.

There will be 16 fights, the semi-main, which is David Rodriguez defending his NABA championship against Robert Davis and the main event which is WBA champ, Nehomar Cermeno defending his title against Cristian Mijares. Both of these bouts will be televised on Televisa.

Abie Han arrived about 4:30 this afternoon. His opponent is Alfonzo Gonzalez from Mexico City. Abie is a little over weight but will be ok by 1:00 tomorrow, which is the weigh-in time.

We don’t know much of anything about Gonzalez. His record is less than impressive, but we’re not going to under estimate anybody. We’re hoping for the win and appreciate the activity. Hopefully we finish with a smile and not a frown.


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