Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Congratulation to the 2009 World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to Frank Baltazar Sr

Frank Baltazar was the recipient of the first Johnny Flores award for his many contributions to boxing, both in amateur and professional boxing. It is fitting that Frank is the first recipient of the award. Frank was a friend of Johnny Flores and is cut from the same mold as Johnny. Frank is a friend of mine and that makes this award extra special. Who says nice guys don't finish first?

In addition to all the fighters Frank has trained and coached, Frank also trained three of his sons, Frankie Baltazar Jr and Tony "The Tiger" Baltazar, and Bobby Baltazar, two of whom were top contenders in the 1980's.

Frank Baltazar Sr., along with award presenters, Rick Farris and Mando Muniz, accepting his honors.

Frank and Connie Baltazar

Lucia Rijker:
The Lady is a Champ
Congratulations to Lucia Rijker"The most dangerous woman on Earth". A fitting title for this woman who set new standards in women's boxing and raised the bar for women everywhere. From a humble and hard beginning to the number one woman fighter on the planet. She is well deserving of this award. A true class act.

Lucia Rijker accepting her honors

Awaiting to be called

Lucia Rijker and Guest

Rick Farris and Lucia Rijker
Photo Courtesy of Dan Hanley

Jeri De La O and Lucia Rijker

The 2009 World Hall of Fame Inductees
Orlando Canizales
Lucia Rijker
Brian Mitchell
Rafael Herrera
Expanded Category
Al Bernstein
Dr. James Jen Kin
Amilcar Brusa
Posthumous Category
George Dixon
Alphonse Halimi

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