Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Austin Trout update: Camp "No Doubt"

Photos Courtesy of Louie Burke
Austin “No Doubt” Trout, hard at work in the high country of Ruidoso, NM.

By Louie Burke

This is as absurd as it sounds, but the venue and the fight date has been changed once again. As of late last week, we were told that it was going to be on Feb. 5th and moved to Guanajuato, Mexico, which is located at a 6,500 ft elevation, so we moved camp to the pines of Ruidoso, New Mexico, elevation 7,000 ft. As of 7:30 am this morning we were notified venue has been changed to Guadalajara, Mex. Elevation 5,500 ft. and Rigoberto Alvarez’s hometown. The good news? The dates the same, Feb. 5th.

We’ve settled into camp “No Doubt” in Ruidoso and taking full advantage of the altitude and seclusion of the high country. Camp is going well, despite the adjustments. Sparring partners Joaquin Zamora , Abie Han and Tudy Crespin, are great in pushing Austin in sparring and roadwork.

Austin knows he’s going into the lions den, but “ no doubt” bout it, will come back with the lions head! The constant mind games these promoters are pulling signifies that they’re not confident in Alvarez’s ability to win square and fair, thus doing as much as possible to sway the advantages into their favor. Alvarez is going to need much more help than having “ his” promoter to keep changing dates and locations to pull this off.

In Austin’s quest for the title, we’ve encountered so much support and good will from so many awesome people, who are wanting to see Austin do well and bring back the championship. Austin and I would like to start by thanking his sparring partners, who are a great bunch of guys starting with Joaquin Zamora, Arturo “ Tudy” Crespin, Abie Han, Rodrigo Villarreal, Edward Hernandez, and Rene Armijo, who also lent us his gym, Fighters Physique in El Paso, Tx. Also, Belia Alvarez and staff from the Hampton Inn in Las Cruces for they’re accommodations and hospitality, J.C and Chris Linson, for offering a place to stay in Santa Fe. Al Lovato for offering his gym in Santa Fe. David Ordorica and George Romero for Allowing us to train in there gym in Ruidoso, and Tony with West Wind Lodge and Condos, for they’re hospitality. Thanks to Larry Clark and the Village of Dona Ana Boxing Club, for their help and assistance in Austin’s preparation. And Randy “Moose” Gomez for his expertise and help. Ernest Gabion and Everlast for sponsoring Austin and providing his equipment. And the many other people that I’m sure I’ll remember that I forgot to mention, once I’ve sent this update in.

Thanks for your support in this long and grueling quest for the title.

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