Monday, July 18, 2011

Louie Burke: Han Update

Abie Han
By Louie Burke

Honing in on July 30’s opponent, Justin Williams, in Denver, Abie Han has looked strong in the gym, sparring with WBA World Champ Austin “ No Doubt” Trout, National Golden Gloves Champ Siju Shabazz and top undefeated prospect, 13-0 Cecil McCalla from Baltimore.

“These guys really push me, motivating me to be on top of my game every time I step in the ring with them,” says Han. “The diversity of styles and high skill level of these guys working with me forces me to adapt as quickly as possible and really think on what’s going to work for me offensively as well as defensively.”

The tough sparring and diligent gym work hopes to pay off against Williams, a spoiler with a height and reach advantage who comes to fight, and stays busy throughout the fight (he’s a “right-handed Paul Williams”). Williams is coming off a spectacular 3rd round ko victory over 10-1 Jovan Munoz, derailing this hot prospect from Tecate, Mexico.

Williams has fought tough opponents with much more experience throughout his short career, hoping that a win over Abie will open eyes, creating better opportunities for him in the future. Abie realizes this, which motivates him to continue his hard work, and not allow Williams to add another top prospect badge to his collection of upsets.

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