Friday, September 16, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz

Photo courtesy of HBO Boxing and Will Hart
By Randy De La O

Victor Ortiz. will be defending his WBC Welterweight title this Saturday, September 17, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, against Floyd Mayweather Jr..The fight will be shown on HBO PPV.

I would like to see Ortiz win this one but I'm not entirely sure he can. He looked good against Andre Berto in his last fight, and while Berto is a decent enough fighter and was/is considered one of the up and coming stars of this generation, he is not Floyd Mayweather Jr, not by a long shot. Logic and Common sense says that if he couldn't handle Marcos Maidana he won't be able to handle Mayweather. Still, there has to be a part of Ortiz that has vowed to himself, regardless of circumstances or opponent, that he will never again quit. That's just speculation on my part but it's one that makes sense. However he did it, Ortiz has positioned himself for a fight with one of the two best pound for pound fighters in the world. He has a huge mountain to climb. The time for talk is over.

 Mayweather on the other hand, regardless of what you or I might think of him, has yet to be beaten and has yet to show signs of aging. I don't think Ortiz will have anything new to show him. Mayweather has seen it all before. However, he has not been without some close calls. His first win against Jose Luis Castillo was considered somewhat of a robbery but he did removed all doubt in the second fight. He earned a split decision in his 2007 fight against a tired and aging Ocar De La Hoya. During that fight Oscar had some great moments but just could not sustain it. When Oscar used his jab he had his way with Mayweather. That may just be the blueprint for beating him, that and a truckload of intestinal fortitude.

 My hope for tomorrow night? That Victor Ortiz reaches deep inside of himself and finds it within himself, win, lose or draw, to produce the fight of his life. I'd like to see the kid redeem himself.

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brian said...

I'm pissed off because "everybody"
knows 'protect yourself at all times'-and I still like to think Ortiz woulda pulled it off...Maidana,by the way,said that if Ortiz fought like he did against Berto,he 'd beat Mayweather..I thought the only winner was Larry Merchant-I HATE TO ADMIT IT>>

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