Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Couple of Thoughts on Marquez and Pacquiao

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Whatever I might think about who won the fight last and the decision, both fighters have conducted themselves like professionals throughout their careers. Both are good guys in a tarnished sport. Enjoy them for whatever time they have left. Their type of fighter is a dying breed.

 Last night's decision was no fault of Manny Pacquiao. He did what he was supposed to do, they both did. If we can look past all the rest we can recognize that we saw a great fight last night. With all that goes on outside the ring, what happens inside of the ring is still what makes it the greatest sport in the world, however tarnished it may be. (That was sort of a contradictory statement but so what)


Boxing gloves said...

I would like to the boxer name..I think you have not specified the boxer name...


Ann @ Philippines Boxing News said...

They really did a great fight. Both fighters are tough and they fought very well.

apple said...

Pacquiao always make a a good fight! Even though there's no knock out from both sides, they leave as a good fight!

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