Monday, January 30, 2012

The De-evolution of Boxing.....

"Recently Mighty Mo on the right was training at Wild Card boxing gym in Los Angeles when he had to make room for Super Lightweight World Champion Amir Khan." -  Rudy Orozco

By Randy De La O

Bums have become noted journeymen, mediocre has become good, good has become great, the so-so have become legends, the unworthy have become multimillionaires, and fans have become deaf, dumb and blind. Still, I remain optimistic. I've said it before and i'll say it again, somewhere, hopefully here in the U.S., there is a young man in his late teens perhaps, or maybe younger. hitting the heavy bag his father has hanging in the garage. Learning to jab, hook and cross. He 's dreaming big right now, or maybe he hasn't dared to dream big just yet but the day is coming. Maybe he is already an amateur learning his craft, doing his roadwork. Somewhere there is an up and coming fighter just waiting for his crack at greatness! Maybe he'll be a heavyweight and restore the luster to American boxing, or he might be a lightweight, quick, fast and bold, either way, He's out there somewhere. Maybe there are a few of them, maybe more. In my dream of the future, these fighters won't be afraid to face each other.

 Regarding boxing; I remain loyal, hopeful and optimistic. It is still the greatest of sports!

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agreed totally..but this seems to be the trend in all aspects of life nowadays.

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