Monday, February 06, 2012

Muhammad Ali & Angelo Dundee Pizza Hut Commercial

(Courtesy of John Bardelli)  

 It's ironic that such a simple pizza commercial would make such fitting tribute to one of boxing's most beloved character.

 Angelo Dundee, a great trainer, no doubt but his greatest strength was as a cornerman, working the fight with his fighter, whoever he was with at the time, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard or Louis Burke. There was no greater motivator in the ring. He was also boxing's good will ambassador. He was boxing's version of Tommy Lasorda, a great, great spokesperson for boxing. Dundee was a throwback to an earlier Runyonesqque era of boxing. He will be missed.


Pacquiao vs Bradley Tickets said...

I really love this commercial. It reminds me on my childhood days. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

admin said...

what about for maidana vs alexander?

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