Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Mexico Boxing: Abie Han Update by Louie Burkee

By Louie Burke

Abie Han‘s first bout of the year, will be part of a card that will be televised on Showtime, headlining Diego Magdaleno vs. Miguel Beltran Jr. . While Abie remained undefeated, he suffered a multitude of plaguing injures last year. Finally feeling healthy again, he looks forward to fighting Rahman Yusubov, from Baku, Azerbaijan.

March, 23rd , Top Rank will have Abie Han, 15-0,10 ko’s, head to Tucson, Arizona, to fight a 6 round bout against Yusubov, a fireplug at 5 foot 7 inch. Yusubov brings a record of 8-4, 6 ko’s, into the fight, trying to derail Abie’s undefeated streak and adding a 9th win to his record. Yusubov is as dangerous with his head as he is with his left hook and overhand right.
Rahman (pronounced: Rock-man)Yusubov comes from Azerbaijan, a Country in Asia that was once was a part of the Soviet Union and has recently focused and invested millions of dollars into their Amateur boxing programs. Baku, Azerbaijan has hosted many International boxing events in in the last few years in order to elevate the level of competition for there athletes, resulting in the production of a class of elite boxers and also, creating imported talent such as Yusubov.
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