Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paul Williams, Gabriel Campillo and Chuck Giampra on ShoBox

Chuck seems to be getting a lot of flak for having a less than stellar debut as a fight analyst on ShoBox that takes us into the mind of a boxing judge. Lots of respect for Chuck Giampa here, and empathy. It could happen to anyone.

 To be honest though, this was not the worst thing that happened last night on ShoBoxs broadcast. That would be former WBA world champ Gabriel Campillo's getting screwed over (I'm using the nice word) by the boxing judges last night, big time. I would like to know what was going on inside the head of theses judges. Tavoris Cloud clearly got beat by Campillo. Another blatant "Screw you" (again, the nice word) to fighters and the fans. What made the matter worse was Clouds insistence that he won that fight. Unbelievable. Campillo gave a really good, old school performance against Cloud, lot's of crisp, accurate combinations, effective body punching, and effective aggression.Campillo was knocked down twice in the first round but recovered nicely and went on to dominate the fight. He should have been rewarded the victory.

 Paul Williams won his snorefest against Nobuhiro Ishida. Despite knocking out James Kirkland last year, in what now appears to be an anomaly, Ishida was clearly not in the same class as Williams. Ishida's heart however was another thing altogether and he proved himself to be a game ring warrior. no shame in this loss.

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