Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 El Paso Boxing Hall of Fame

Sammy Burke
Sammy Burke

By Randy De La O

Last year Louie Burke was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame. This year in El Paso, Texas, it will be a family affair as both Louie and his brother Rocky Burke, along with their father Sammy Burke (posthumously) will be inducted into the El Paso Boxing Hall of Fame. A well deserved honor and long overdue.

Both Louie and Rocky were trained in the Sweet Science by their father Sammy. Sammy was an outstanding amateur boxer from New Mexico and began training fighters after returning from the Korean War. Sammy passed away in 1984. Louie is currently training WBA  World light Middleweight Champion Austin Trout, as well as up and coming light middleweight Abie Han. Rocky, who retired from boxing to run the family business is now a world class referee.

A press conference was held last Saturday May 12, at Jaxon's Restaurant & Brewery in El Paso, Texas, to kick off the event and announce the inductees. The induction ceremony will be held at the El Paso Multipurpose Center on June 9, 2012.

The Burkes are my cousins and I couldn't be prouder. Congratulations to my primos, the Burke family, including their mother Elba, as well as all of the 2012 El Paso Boxing Hall of Fame Inductees..

Rocky Burke
Rocky Burke

Louie and Jesse
Louie Burke with trainer Jesse Reid

The 2012 Honorees are as follows:

Jennifer Han, amateur and pro boxer

Sammy Burke, former boxer and trainer, posthumous

Louie Burke, trainer and former boxer

Rocky Burke, referee and former boxer

Jorge Munoz, amateur boxer

Francisco Alvarado, trainer and former boxer

Rene Herrera, former Mexican welterweight professional champion

Bill Knight, El Paso Times sports and boxing writer.

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