Saturday, May 26, 2012

Louie Burke: Han ready for Gomez

Abie Han
Abie Han of El Paso, Texas

 By Louie Burke

Top Rank has matched up Abie Han (16-0) vs. Joe Gomez (18-5-1) at the El Paso Sunbowl, June 16th on the Undercard of Julio Ceasar Chavez Jr. and Andy Lee!  There’s been a buzz going around for a couple of months, regarding a possible barn burner of a fight between these two fighters,  now it’s a go!… Two respected local fighters, going head to head.

Abie is very excited to be fighting at home and at the Sunbowl of all places AND on the undercard of Chavez/Lee!… what else could a young undefeated fighter ask for at this point of his career.   Gomez is no one to take lightly, he’s a gamer that comes to slug or box, depending on the opponent he faces.   He definitely had an off night against Angulo, but Angulo, is one of the most dangerous fighters in the first few rounds in boxing today and Gomez got caught hard and early, catching Gomez cold.

Abie has been training very diligently for this fight, he’s been one of Austin Trout’s main sparring partners in Austin’s preparation for Delvin Rodrigez and has worked very hard while in camp.  As anyone could imagine, he wants to put on a good performance for the hometown fans.  If Abie performs like he has been in training, then he should give a good account of himself.

This fight should be a very exciting and good fan fight.  Gomez, like Abie brings excitement into the ring every time they fight.   The fireworks will begin early this year!.. Come to El Paso and see the fight live for only $25 dollars, which are the least expensive tickets, or $200 ringside,  if you really want to impress a hot date!

We Hope to see you in El Paso at the Sun Bowl, June 16th!

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