Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Few More Photos

A few more photos from last week at the Torrance Marriott in Torrance, California. It was the hub for the media and boxing community, as well as the participants in "Four Warned" the multi main event at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

Louie Burke, Me (Randy De La O), my wife Jeri De La O, Randy "Moose' Gomez
Louie Burke, me (Randy De La O), Jeri De La O, Randy "Moose" Gomez
Bob Spagnola, Louie Burke, Jeri De La O, Randy "Moose" Gomez,
a friend of the Trout family and Austin Trout's mother.
Al Bernstein, me (Randy De La O), Steve Farhood and ? (can't remember his name)
Al Bernstein, Me, Steve Farhood, and  friend.
1976 Silver Medalist Charles Mooney, Louie Burke, !976 Gold Medalist Howard Davis and me (Randy De La O)
1976 U.S. Silver Medalist Charles Mooney, Louie Burke,
1976 Gold Medalists Howard Davis and me.


brian said...

Great photos...including Howard Davis-wow long time no see.

Maicha said...

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