Saturday, July 14, 2012

Amir Khan loses title shot to Danny Garcia and Shot at Mayweather.

By Scott G

Sitting down to watch this fight with my sons I told them to pay attention to this fight because it might be explosive. Within 30 seconds of the first round Khans superior speed was really evident. But, I noticed a flaw that he hasn't fixed and told my sons to watch how Khan dropped his right hand during his jab even when he wasn't loading up for a shot with it. I told them that Garcia has a quality left hook and that this fight could end suddenly and badly for khan. I scored the first round a solid 10-9 for Khan but I scored the second round even because Garcia had landed some good counter shots,  lead right hands and, a lot of Khans shots were on the gloves and arms nullifying the speed advantage. If forced to pick a winner in round 2 i would give it to Khan though. I did notice that Khans flaw was alive and well and Garcia was timing his jab now. The 3rd round started out with heated exchanges by both fighters, then with less than a minute in the round Khan threw that jab and trying to land a right but Garcia threw a perfectly timed left hook that landed on khans jaw and neck sending him down hard. After that the only surprise left in this fight was how much heart Khan showed. He survived the third but was obviously not recovered from the shot starting the fourth round. Garcia pounced on Khan with a barrage of lefts and rights playing ample attention to Khans mid section. Khan to his credit actually landed some big shots in the fourth but Garcia has a good chin and was bent on finishing off Khan for good. Inevitably   Garcia overwhelmed the damaged Khan and the referee stopped the fight after the second knock down in the round. I hope Khan decides to keep fighting but Freddy roach needs to watch that film and fix that flaw.

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Randy De La O said...

Good observation on the fight Scott!

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