Saturday, May 04, 2013

About Floyd Mayweather Jr .....

Admittedly I have never been a fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and I'll be rooting against him tonight in his fight with Robert Guerrero. His antics have always rubbed me the wrong way. Lately though, I get the feeling that for the most part, it's an act designed to help promote his fights. Who knows? I am though a fan of boxing and for that reason I have to give the man his just due and proper respect.

To remain an undefeated champion at the highest level of the sport, in any era, has to mean something. He's fought the best that boxing has had to throw at him. With regards to Manny Pacquiao, who shares at least some blame for their proposed mega fight never taking place, I believe Mayweather would have beaten him as well and in typical Mayweather fashion. There is nothing in Mayweather's history that makes me believe he was afraid of Pacquiao. It was about ego and money.

So, whether he wins or loses tonight, it really doesn't matter. He's done enough. He's a shoo in for the Hall of Fame. His legacy is set in stone. It's going to be a while before we see his like again. So I'm going to enjoy his fight with Guerrero tonight and I'm going to appreciate the fighter he has been but I'll be rooting for Guerrero to pull it off. As always, let the best man win!

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