Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Olympic Auditorium

The Olympic Auditorium in Downtown Los Angeles. At it's peak it was the mecca of boxing on the west coast. Fighters and fans alike still mourn for the golden days in Los Angeles. It is still standing and it is still hallowed grounds, though it is now a Korean church. There is always hope.
One of my biggest regrets, at least as far as boxing goes (I have many) is that I never fought there. Twice I was in the dressing rooms, in what is known as the catacombs, and twice the fight was cancelled minutes before I was to fight.
This is a big chunk of boxing history in Los Angeles, California and the west coast.


Unknown said...

It strikes me that the Ron Lyle- Ernie Shavers fight, was Django Unchained.

-Marc Breed
America's Fetish Photographer

Pacquiao Mayweather Fight Analysis said...

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