Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Night at the Fights

My wife Jeri and I at the Syubhub Center

Stubhub Center
Carson, California
April 16, 2015

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Andrzej Fonfara

The less said about this fight the better. I mentioned yesterday that Chavez Sr looked preoccupied and sad. Now I know why. His spoiled brat of a son Julio Jr did not train for this fight. I'm not advocating physical punishment but I hope after the fight on the way back to the dressing room Papa Chavez gave Jr. a swift kick in the ass, followed by a good spanking with a thick leather belt.

I don't know what the fight looked like on television but live it was easy to see that this guy, Andrzej Fonfara, came to win. He was unintimidated, confident and he could fight. Chavez was in trouble. Later in the fight when Chavez was mugging and clowning my wife asked me, "Why is he doing that?" Because he's getting tired and buying time".

In Andrzej Fonfara, Julio met someone that refused to lose and he was unable to cope with it. It's tough enough when you are in shape but Chavez looked soft last night. The knockdown in the 9th round took the fight out of Junior, took away his will. He chose to sit on his stool and not come out for the 10th round.

When Junior was knocked down the crowd seemed to desert him and cheered Fonfara. They deserted Chavez. I can't say I blame them.

As soon as the fight was over, it was shades of the Olympic Auditorium as beer cans, cups, food and what ever began flying everywhere I said to my wife "Let's get out of here now". Most of the "normal" people left but I looked back and the beer was getting thick in the air. I felt for those that were sitting in the lower seats. there was no escaping it.

Abie Han vs Fernando Guerrero

I didn't take pen and paper and score the fight round by round. I wanted to just sit and enjoy the fight. It was a good entertaining fight too.Now let me say this first, my wife Jeri and I went there to see Abie Han fight, we like him, so I may be a little biased but I believe I can watch a fight objectively and give a fair opinion.

Han came out and immediately established the distance between him and Guerrero. he controlled the tempo of the fight and was jabbing well and positioning himself for the left hook to the body. Guerrero was quick and moved well and at times was able to get inside and land some shots to Han's body as well. Guerrero was knocked down by a left hook midway through the first round.

Guerrero is a southpaw and that always presents a certain problem but Han was able to land the right hand. He seemed comfortable and unbothered by Guerrero.

My own opinion? I thought Han won rounds 1 through 6. In the sixth round Guerrero seemed to be tiring and was backing up for much of the round with some spurts of quick combinations. In round 7 he seemed to find his wind and than the real battle begin. Rounds 7 through 10 were hard fought and tough to score. Guerrero had several good moments throughout the last few rounds and did land some solid right hooks. Somewhere along this point Han stopped using the jab, or at least not as consistently. The Stubhub Arena at this point was about a quarter filled but the crowd that was there seemed to be behind Han.

When the fight was over and Guerrero won the split decision the crowd really booed the decision. They were angry. Like me they thought Han deserved the win. It was a close fight but Guerrero did come on in the later rounds. I just don't think it was enough. I'm not going to go so far as to say it was a robbery, it was just a close fight and this is how the judges decided. I had to hold my my wife back to keep her from going after the judges. She is now a certified Abie Han fan.

To Abie Han I would say, A loss is yesterday's news. It's over with. Shake it off and move on. No fighter ever became a world champion by dwelling on a loss and the past.

You can find the results from all the fights from Saturday night here.

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