Sunday, January 14, 2007

Book Review: Mi Vida Loca, The Crazy life of Johnny Tapia

If you think you’ve had a tough life, read this book and then count your blessings!. "Mi Vida Loca" by Johnny Tapia and Bettina Gilois, is a tough book to put down, once you start reading. Johnny takes us with him on his tortured journey though his childhood, his young manhood and his boxing career. He asks us several times throughout the book, if he is lucky or unlucky. A lot of both would be my guess. Johnny’s mother was murdered when he was eight, where he went to live with his grandparents , aunts and uncles. He suffered a lot of abuse from his family, but none more hurtful then the scorn and anger heaped upon him by his grandfather, whom he worshipped. Throughout his life it remained a difficult situation.

It takes us through the beginning of his boxing career with trainer/manager Paul Chavez, his drug addiction, his wife Teresa, whom ultimately became his manager and his five world titles.. The book is an easy read and is told in a pretty straightforward manner. You can almost hear Tapia’s voice as you read. If there is a problem with the book, it is in the editing . There are a few areas that I had to read through several times because of a missing word, a word that didn’t belong in the sentence, or a repeated paragraph. But the story it self was very compelling and I recommend it to anyone that loves boxing, and even if you don’t, it still makes great reading.

Tapia won five professional titles in three weight divisions; the WBO and IBF Junior Bantamweight titles, WBA and WBO Bantamweight titles, and IBF Featherweight title. As an amateur he won two National Golden Gloves titles. The biggest win of his life though remains his victory of drug addiction and depression.

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    Johnny is a true warrior and a true man. While he has made mistakes in life, he has always had his fans best interests at heart. Mi Vida Loca explains the ups and downs of Johnny's life. The book shows the reader how death, drugs, love, and home life, have had a horrific effect on JT's life. The book also shows what has kept this man alive. If you know Johnny, you know he is a person for the people and will do whatever he can to put a smile on someone's face. His ring experience is legendary and his life experiences are amazing. Anyone should read this book. It is a true self help/sports/love/loyalty/ and honor story.

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