Sunday, January 07, 2007

Former Light Heavyweight Challenger Yvon Durelle has died.

Yvon Durelle, The Fighting Fisherman, passed away Saturday, January 6, 2007. Durelle had suffered from Parkinson's Desease, and recently suffered a stroke. Durelle is best known for his exciting Light heavyweight Championship fights with Archie Moore in the late 1950's, particularly the first fight, knocking Moore down three times. Moore stopped him in both fights. He was a top contender, a former Canadian Middleweight Champion and British Empire Light Heavyweight Champion, and made the switch to professional wrestling late in his career. He is remembered as a gentle giant. Yvon Durelle was born in Baie-Ste-Anne, New Brunswick, Canada, October 14, 1929. His career record is 117 fights with 90 wins, 51 knockouts, 24 losses and 2 deaws.

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    Anonymous said...

    Yvonne Durrell's first fight with Archie Moore is in a handful of a handful that beat the most entertaining fictional fights in any TV show/movie.My boxing-nut uncle who's still a huge Archie Moore fan,knew it would be a war,and got into a car accident while hustling to see it.Moore called his comeback kayo,"My finest hour."

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