Thursday, March 15, 2007

Larry Holmes

I may be in the minority here, but I think Holmes deserves to be in the top five heavyweights of all time. He was a well conditioned heavyweight with a tremendous jab. Probably one of the best in the heavies. He used it to consistantly set up both the hook and the right hand, with, if not great speed, sufficient speed. He had endurance and stamina, got up off the floor when he was knocked down, he had great ring generalship and knew how to cut off the ring. I felt he was robbed both times against Michael Spinks. He was not a well liked champion by both the media, and the fans. A lot of that had to do with his infamous remark about Rocky Marciano, and with beating Ali (admitedly Ali was way past his prime). On top of that he had an overly arrogant and sour personality. But in terms of skill, I can't think of too many heavyweight fighters from boxings past that could have beat him.

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