Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Acelino Freitas vs Juan Diaz

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April 28, 2007
Acelino Freitas vs Juan Diaz

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Anonymous said...

I like Juan Diaz alot;I used to like to watch Freitas until Diego
Corrales sort of used him for a basketball.I think Diaz will stop him.

Randy De La O said...

Brian, you were right on target with this one. Good call! I missed it but they should be replaying it during the week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Randyman....hoping for 2 in a row with Oscar stopping Mayweather and boxing becoming more boxing oriented-promoted-and mucho less trash talk"entertainment" promoted....I understand "Rap music"(?) is having a terrible year-and with 'Fitty Cint'(50cent) scheduled to lead Mayweather into the ring,I'm looking forward to increased popularity in marriachi music after I think a very sharp,motivated Oscar repeats what he did to Vargas and Mayorga.Mayweather's big mouth was a big mistake.

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