Thursday, May 17, 2007

....on Taylor and Spinks.

The upcoming fight this Saturday, between Jermain Taylor and southpaw Cory Spinks should be somewhat interesting, at least in theory. Spinks needs to gather some credibility and respect and win this fight in order to put his career back on track, and Taylor needs a definitive win in order to pull away from the rest of the pack and establish himself as the premier middleweight of his era, and a pound for pound best.

This is a fight I expect Taylor to win, he's beaten some pretty damned good fighters, though he did so in unspectacular fashion. He has wins over Rafael Marquez, William Joppy, Bernard Hopkins (twice), and fought to a draw with Winky Wright, and most importantly he is still undefeated.

Compare that against Spinks who has lost to Antonio Diaz and Michele Piccirillo (he avenged the lost with a unanimous decision), Split two fights with Zab Judah, winning the first and losing the second by ninth round TKO. To his credit he did get a majority decision against Ricardo Mayorga and unanimous decision against an aged Miguel Angel Gonzalez.

So far Taylor has been a proven winner and I expect him to win this one too. my gut instinct tells me that Taylor will come into this fight believing he has something to prove, and he'll prove it by stopping Spinks in the later rounds.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me;but as far as reestablishing himself-Spinks has done okay...I think a better matchup would've been a third Judah-Spinks fight.I sure don't believe Judah's "PPV" fighter-and I expect Cotto to prove that...anyway,this should be a pretty interesting match.While I also expect Taylor to win,somehow I think there's a possibility here for an....Taylor is a huge middleweight,I think he'll be moving up soon..

Randy De La O said...

Yeah, I agree, Spinks has done okay but a loss to Taylor will be a definite setback. I also agree that Taylor is too big for Spinks. I don't expect an upset but in boxing anything can happen. It shuld be interesting!

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