Saturday, May 05, 2007

Oscar De La Hoya

For a lot of reasons I believe Oscar De La Hoya will win his fight with Floyd Mayweather tonight. I believe that Mayweather has under estimated Oscar and overrated himself. I have already given my reasons why I believe this in another post,

Win, lose or draw, Oscar is already a winner. In a sport where the athlete is used, abused and thrown to the wayside, broke and beaten, Oscar has not only survived, he has thrived. He has reached the pinnacle of his sport as a boxer and is well on his way to being the top promoter as well.

He has been criticized because he has out hustled the managers and promoters of the sport. The very same promoters that have been screwing over fighters since Boxings beginning. I say more power to him, and its about time someone with brains has turned the table on these vultures that have ruined the sport that I love so much. I hope he chases guys like Bob Arum and Don King completely out of the sport. Arum has claimed that he made Oscar what he is today, and there may be some truth in that. But De La Hoya had the goods, and he was the one that took the biggest risks and you can make the case that Oscar has made millions for Bob Arum. You can bet your last dollar that if Oscar had not been the success that he is he would have been dumped in a heartbeat. If Arum is the one that makes the fighters than where are all the other Oscars? This is not an assembly line business.

On top of everything else, and this is personal for me, Oscar has been an outstanding, positive role model for young Mexican Americans and a positive image overall. In a time when illegal immigration and Mexican Illegal immigrants in particular, along with escalated gang activity have dominated the headlines, Oscars presence has been a breath of fresh air and a source of pride. So win, lose or draw Oscar De La Hoya is already a winner many times over. But just for the record De La Hoya by late round knockout!

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