Sunday, June 10, 2007

Miguel Cotto vs Zab Judah

Miguel Cotto stopped Zab Judah last night 49 seconds into round eleven. Apparently it was a classic war. I say apparently, because I missed it! I'm going to have to wait for HBO to replay it, hopefully, during the week. I'll hold off on my opinion until then. From all that I've heard though, it was a classic and they did their part to continue to keep the sport of Boxing alive. Kudos!. Go to HBO Boxing for updated info on the fight.


Anonymous said...

I also missed this fight.I'm not crazy about Zab Judah;I'm happy to hear he behaved himself.Ya can't see 'em all.And people tend to be critical about things they're interested in.

I also deliberately missed the recent UFC closed circuit fight.And so far,I've never seen a UFC fight.But-I sure have seen advertisements,commentary that it's "replace boxing","boxing is dead" and a recent cover story about it in Sports Illustrated.

Well,who cares what I think about Zab Judah;the Cotto-Judah fight held in connection with Puerto Rican Day in New York shows that UFC fighting isn't replacing boxing where there are serious boxing fans.

Randy De La O said...

I couldn't agree more. The only current fighter I dislike more than Judah is Mayweather, ....maybe.

Unknown said...

Well, at least Mayweather is a winner. With this loss, Judah has ceased to become a major force in boxing and in his division. He is in decline and do not belong to the elite.

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