Saturday, November 03, 2007

Charlie Chaplin in "City Lights"

I just had to post this old fight scene from an old Charlie Chaplin movie "City Lights". It is hilarious! I was laughing out loud. It's fair to say they just don't make them like this anymore. Enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

I'm overdue for some Charlie Chaplin movies,but while we're on the subject of "laughing my ass off" about actors and boxing,it's been a while since I read the late,great Errol Flynn's memoir,'My Wicked,Wicked Ways'.Flynn had one of those crazy one in a million wild lives and had me rolling on the floor while reading/imagining him explain in that James Bond/Tasmanian-British accent of his on doing the film 'Gentleman Jim'.The stuntman art hadn't exactly been perfected yet-and Flynn went against Jack Roper in the film(one of Joe Louis' kayo's for the heavyweight title).As Flynn tells it,Roper would actually knock him out,profusely apologize and Flynn would go to the hospital.I don't remember how many times they repeated this cycle.

Randy De La O said...

Errol Flynn as "Robin Hood" was one of my childhood heroes, second only to Johnny Weissmuller as "Tarzan". I'll look for the book. Glad you liked the Chaplin video.

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