Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deleted "Rocky" Scenes at the Main Street Gym

All photos courtesy of Jimmy Gambina and

All of the following scenes take place at the Main Street Gym in Los Angeles, California

In the above scene Rocky and Dipper (Stan Shaw) actually get in a street fight in the gym. They should have left it in.

My trainer/manager Mel Epstein can be seen on the above photo on the extreme left, with the white shirt and white hair, standing directly behind Jimmy Gambina (son of manager Ralph Gambina). I was standing to the right of Mel. Not only did they cut the scene from the movie but they cut me from the photo! In fact I was in the two scenes above as well. I still don't know why they were cut, they were actually pretty good.

This gym scene from Rocky V is actually a mock up of the gym. The gym was torn down in the mid 1980's and the movie was released in 1990. They did a fantastic job with the set. That's Jimmy Gambina holding the bag.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the attribute describing the pic with Jimmy as Ralphie's nephew got a few chuckles around here :)

Jimmy is Ralphie's son.

Randy De La O said...

You are absolutely right. I knew that but for some reason I wrote nephew and never noticed. Call it a brain fart. My apologies to Jimmy. Tell him I said hello. We met during the filming.

Mike Nixon said...

You see Jimmy Gambina holding the bag and Sly standing next to them the kid hitting the bag is Sly's real life son. I got to work on Stop or My Mom Will Shoot. I played one of the Mafia actors on the plane scene and somebody asked Sly how he liked the look of the actors and he said, It looks more like the Blues Brothers to me. I met Slys son and he told me that his dad said that I had the fastest hands of any middleweight that he had ever seen. It mad me feel good that he would say that.

Anonymous said...

Here's a pic that shows you how short sly is. Looks 5'8" in this photo. maybe even 5'7"

Anonymous said...

Is that scene a deleted scene? The rocky V one?

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