Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Felipe Canela

Felipe Canela was a main event fighter throughout Southern California, including the Olympic Auditorium and the Forum, and Las Vegas, Nevada during the 1980's and was managed and trained by California hall of fame trainer Larry Soto. He had a respectable career with 36 fights; 26 wins with 16 KO's, he lost 7 fights and had 3 draws.

Felipe was a regular at the Main Street Gym during the 1980's and I sparred with him regularly when I returned to the gym in 1980. My brother Dennis sparred with him a year or two later when he was also trained briefly by Larry. According to my friend, Frank Baltazar Sr., Felipe Canale was his son Tony's (Tony "The Tiger" Baltazar) last amateur opponent.

Above two photos: Felipe Canela vs Nino LaRocca, March 30, 1984

Felipe training at the Main Street Gym in Los Angeles

Felipe's career record can be found here at Boxrec.com


Anonymous said...

Somehow,I'm getting a"senior moment" on Felipe Canela-a couple of my biggest regrets are missing out on the Olympia and the Main Street Gym-by,without double checking,I remember Tony Balthazar as a pretty good puncher,who I think I saw...whup Roger Mayweather...?

Randy De La O said...

Yes, he did beat Mayweather, and he did it before Chavez sr, did.

Unknown said...


this is my dad.. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Help! I'm trying to locate Felipe Canela. I was a newspaper reporter for the Colton Courier News back in 1980...I covered alot of his fights, and I have some photo/news clippings he may be interested in...also of Mr. Soto.

fcanela760 said...

message me fcanela760@gmail.com

Unknown said...

My mom dated your Dad Felipe Canelas then! Ask him if he remembers who Olga is! 😄

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