Friday, December 14, 2007

Roberto Duran at the Main Street Gym

The following newspaper clippings are from the long gone Los Angeles Herald Examiner (my favorite newspaper) January 4, 1978, and written by Jack Disney. When in Los Angeles Duran almost always used the Main Street Gym for his training. At the time this article was written Duran was in his prime, or as the saying goes "When Duran was Duran". At his peak Roberto Duran was the best, period.

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brian said...

Since I've followed boxing,Duran is my ultimate 'fastest gun in the west'-which is about how I rationalize some of his bad nights;I was at his fight in Detroit against Kirkland Laing-and while I'm generally for the hometown Detroit guy,Duran was an exception.His kayo by Tommy Hearns came after losing a close 15 round decision to Marvin Hagler-and he did better than Hearns against Iran Barkley,Hagler and Ray Leonard(I).But the take on Duran for being savage..or crazy...sounds and looks more like Ricardo Mayorga;I loved watching Duran-first of all-because I used to love to watch him think(he was robbed of at least two "thinking" wins in PazienzaI and CamachoI when he no longer seriously intimidated anybody).I loved his corner when he was with Freddie Brown and Ray Arcel-who Duran referred to as "the two crazy old men";he always looked like he was with my grandparents.As far as destroying a speed bag is concerned,I could watch Duran skip rope all day.My uncle saw Pipino Cuevas cave in the side of a heavy bag,while training to fight Hearns.I know Duran stopped Cuevas in four in LA...and I still think Hearns just happened to fight Duran at just the right time..otherwise,Duran..

LarryFugett said...

Hello, I'm LW Fugett from Dayton, Ohio. I'm an author currently writing an historical novel about Los Angeles and Hollywood from a Boxer's perspective. I've used the Main Street Gym as the anchor from which everything evolves. (Mickey Cohen is a prominent character, as is Howie Steindler.)My questions: are there any pictures out there circa 1950s of the gym that are royalty free? My second question: does anyone know the exact address, street and number, of Mickey Cohen's Haberdashery? If anyone can help me out with this, it will be greatly appreciated.
You may read excerpts of my novel as the writing progresses at Author's Den, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Adieu LA by LW Fugett.

Thank you kindly in advance of any information you may send.

Randy De La O said...

Larry, leave a message on our message board for Frank, if he can't help you he might be able to send you in the right direction. You can probably copy and paste your question. I personally don't know the address of Micky Cohen's haberdashery.

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