Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jones decisions Trinidad

Though not a great fight, it was a pretty good fight, considering that both of these guys are past their prime. There was no other way this fight could go and it was a foregone conclusion from the minute they signed the contract. It was a better fight than I thought it would be. Still, it's hard to tell yet what it all means. Did Jones really look that good or was it because he was fighting a smaller, rusty, over the hill former champion fighting at a weight that he had never fought at before. It will be interesting to see. I would rather see Jones fight Bernard Hopkins in a rematch that Hopkins, and just about everyone else, has been clamoring for, than Joe Calzahge, at least for now. Considering their respective ages, it makes more sense. That would be an interesting fight. For Trinidad, his best bet for a big payday would be to give fight fans the fight they have been begging for since his controversial win over Oscar De La Hoya, a rematch with Oscar.

The first three rounds were fairly close but Jones started to assume control in the fourth round and from the sixth round it became evident that Jones was the faster, stronger, bigger and technically superior fighter. Jones knocked down Trinidad in the seventh and tenth rounds, but was unable to knock him out. Still as always, Trinidad was a game fighter and did his best to work Jones' body but he was unable to hurt Jones. Jones punches were lightning fast and Trinidad had no answer for them. Jones was also the more accurate puncher. Jones won a twelve round unanimous decision and it was a well deserved win for Jones. My only problem with Jones last night was his uncharacteristic clownish behavior. It wasn't necessary.

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