Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rafael Marquez vs Israel Vasquez III

All Photos and Videos Courtesy of Showtime and Alex Stapleton.

I expect the upcoming fight between Marquez and Vasquez to be every bit as exciting as the first two. I'll be ringside for this fight. I like both fighters. Each has proven themselves to be warriors in the ring and (in my opinion) one of the reasons that boxing will continue to thrive despite current rumors to the contrary. May the best man win. Much thanks to Alex Stapleton and Showtime Networks Inc. for the use of the photos and the videos. Here's hoping for a great fight!

The final chapter of boxing's best trilogy airs live March 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT...Only on SHOWTIME!

The non-stop, two-way action lasted for seven full rounds (March 2007, Carson, Calif.)

The first was an old-school, classic slugfest. Vazquez (L) absorbs a wicked right cross from Marquez.

''The classic shootout featured a relentless pace, two-way dramatic action, blood, a knockdown, high skill level and a touch of controversy.'' ESPN


brian said...

Randy;I'm kidnapping're gonna have to see it ringside in
Detroit...and I sure don't think this will be the final chapter...I
kinda feel like I'm insulting someone to pick either of them..particularly after don't tell anyone,I'm leaning toward Marquez.

Randy De La O said...

My sentiments exactly! Two worthy warriors deserving of equal respect.

If we're lucky mayebe they'll do it over again and again, kinda like Saddler and Pep or Robinson and LaMotta.

I won't tell anyone.

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