Friday, March 28, 2008

Benny Leonard and Roberto Duran

The following video on Benny Leonard was sent to me a while back by my friend and contributor, Brian, via you, and I finally got around to posting it. I also posted a video on Roberto Duran for comparison’s sake. These two great fighters are generally regarded as the best Lightweights in boxing history. Aside from being Lightweight Champions half a century apart, they were both trained by the legendary Ray Arcel, the trainer’s trainer. With so much shared history between them, and with two contrasting styles and personalities, it begs the question: who would win? Roberto Duran or Benny Leonard?


brian said...


brian said...

...well,maybe just "one";(I've seen Joe Gans and a lot of the great old classic fighters);regarding Leonard-of course I'm being " a little subjective" is the first/best all round modern technician I've seen films of.His first fight with Hall of Famer Lou Tendler(according to some ratings-the best fighter never to win a world title)is considered one of his toughest-and set up their rematch the following year(1923);the fight sold out Yankee Stadium.I've never seen films of it,but I've heard it's considered Leonard' best performance....since I've followed boxing,Duran has been my favorite fighter to watch.Thanks to Randy for posting-still my numero uno dream fight.

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