Saturday, March 01, 2008

Floyd Jr. and the WWE

Speaking of Floyd Mayweather Jr., the WWE and credibility, look no further than the following videos to see what I'm talking about. I love the sport of boxing, passionately and consider myself a boxing purist. When I see this type of crap going on it literally breaks my heart. Now I have never been in the position to have to turn down $20,000,000 dollars, (the amount may or may not be true) and I can't honestly say I wouldn't do the same thing, but there is something sacrilegious about the supposed (I say supposed because I disagree) pound for pound champ selling out boxing's credibility and his own legacy for any amount of money.


brian said...

More proof that pro wrasslin' is fake;I say 20 million cents is more like it.And if he gets that,he's doin' ok.If I didn't think Oscar could win the rematch...I remember Chuck Wepner landing his best shot on Andre the Giant-and his arm folding like an accordion-and then Andre flinging Wepner into orbit...Also,Ali's 'finest hour' wasn't with Antonio Inoki.And Joe Louis got hurt doing it;Cowboy Rocky Lee,screwed up and landed with both feet on Louis,breaking three ribs(Cornermen-I think p.298).

Randy De La O said...

Interesting story. Joe shoulda stuck with boxing, it suddenly sounds safer.

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