Monday, March 03, 2008

Tony Zale vs Rocky Graziano III 1948

This past Saturday March 1, 2008, we saw the third act of one of boxing's great trilogies with Israel Vazquez winning a hard fought split decision over Rafael Marquez. Their trilogy matches against the best of them.

Sixty years ago Tony Zale viciously and completely dismantled Rocky Graziano to take back the middleweight title Rocky had won from him a year earlier in their second fight. I thought it only fitting to show their fight here in light of last weekend's great fight.


brian said...

Honestly,I think their third fight was the worst of the three;in fact,I don't think I've ever seen the first two wars.Beyond that,I'm not sure if they were filmed...?In particular,if there are films-I wanna see the second one-won by Graziano.Personally-I take Vazquez-Marquez-by kayo.

Randy De La O said...

If I could find a film of their first and/or second fight I would post it. I agree Vazquez v Marquez III kayos Zale v Graziano III, but the overall trilogy of Zale and Graziano is considered one of the best. Vazquez and Marquez are throwback fighters. They could have fought in any era.

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