Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pacquiao Takes the Decision and the Title From Marquez

Unfortunately, I was unable to see the fight last night. I missed a big one too, from all that I have heard and read. I had picked Juan Manuel Marquez to beat Manny Pacquiao by decision. Pacquiao won by split decision. According to all that I read it was closer than the first fight. Like the first fight, the difference, at least to some, was the knockdown in the third round. Until I see a tape or a replay I’ll withhold judgment (obviously).

I will comment on one thing, Pacquiao’s immediate response when asked if there would be a rematch with Marquez, he replied “I don’t think so, this business is over”. There is an moral obligation (or should be) to give the man that you won the title from a rematch, especially a fight, reputedly so close you couldn’t fit a hair between them. We know now that the first fight was no fluke on Marquez’ part, and it is reasonable to assume that Pacquiao has indeed met his match, which may account for his unwillingness to meet Marquez for a rubber match. I hope that after he has had a couple of weeks to think about it, he’ll reconsider.

Judge Jerry Roth had it 115-112 for Marquez. Duane Ford had it 115-112 for Pacquiao, while Tom Miller had it 114-113 for Pacquiao.

Yahoo! Sports has it 115-112 for Juan Manuel Marquez.

Michael David Smith of AOL Sports had Marquez winning 114-113.


Anonymous said...


I thought Pac. won the fight (albeit close) the margin been the knockdown, I was rooting for marquez and wanted him to win, but man he waits to long to get off, so I don't think he has anybody to blame but him-self, he is just not aggressive at all, and to beat Pac. you have to back him up becasue Pac. can not fight going back wards. and Marquez all he does is wait to counter punch, so yes I think HE blew it.


brian said...

I'm with you Randy-missed the fight(sheeeeit)-I picked Marquez both times;I believe there will be a third fight(I can't believe Pacman will just punk out after there first two which really decided nothing).

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