Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fathers and Sons Honored

Jesus Pimental and Frank Baltazar Sr. at the Father and Son dinner in Commerce, California

The following photos are from this past weekend's Golden State Boxer's Association 1st annual "Don Fraser Lifetime Achievement Award" at Steven's Steakhouse in the city of Commerce, California. Frank Baltazar Sr. along with his sons Frankie Jr, Tony (The Tiger) and Bobby were honored, as well as many other fathers and sons, for their involvement and participation in boxing. Congratulations to the Baltazars and all the honorees.

In the following photo from left to right are Mando Ramos, Ray Mancini, Bobby Chacon and Danny "Little Red" Lopez. Ramos, Chacon and Lopez are three of Southern California's most beloved boxers. What a great photo of four of the biggest hearts in boxing! Thanks Frank.

Photo courtesy of Frank Baltazar Sr.
Mando Ramos, Ray Mancini, Bobby Chacon and Danny "Lil Red' Lopez.

Bobby Baltazar, Ray Mancini and Frankie Baltazar Jr.

Danny "Dapper" Lopez and Carol Steindler (Daughter of Howie Steindler)


Anonymous said...


It was a great day for all, so many great and near great fighters to talk to, and to shake hands with, next is the Calif. boxing hall of fame on June 21.


Randy De La O said...

I won't miss that one Frank! Thanks for the pics.

brian said...

Where are the Miller Lite folks when you need 'em?..It's particularly-by split decision-great to see Bobby Chacon looking happy hangin' out with Little Red.I don't think Ray Mancini,the Marquez brothers,Manny Paquuaio,Erik Morales,Marco Antonio Barrera,Israel Vazquez or the handful of others I'm missing would disagree with my argument that nobody in the past 40 years fought more crowd pleasing fights at a high level than Lopez and Chacon.And they did it without dissing their opponents like Mayweather-type loud-mouth idiots.

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