Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito

Both Larry Merchant and Jim Lampley commented on Antonio Margarito's manhood last night, describing him as a real man. It's hard to argue with them, but I would include Miguel Cotto in the same category. What was left unsaid about both of these men, and even more so in Cotto's fight, is that despite the opportunity, neither winner sought to humiliate their opponent. How easy would it have been for Cotto to tease, torment and humiliate Alfonso Gomez into defeat. He chose instead to fight with dignity, despite the obvious difference in skills, and allowed Gomez to keep his dignity in losing. When you think about the intense rivalry between Mexican and Puerto Rican fighters, it would have been easy to have taken advantage of Gomez. The fact that he didn't says a lot about Cotto's character. If I wasn't a fan of Miguel Cotto before this fight, I am now. A class act!

The same goes for Margarito. When the point came in the fight that it was obvious who was going to win this fight, Margarito just kept throwing punches, as he always does. Even with Kermit Cintron's constant complaining about being hit behind the head, despite the fact that he was bending over so much, without throwing any punches, leaving Margarito no choice but to hit him. Cintron, throughout the fight kept forgetting the first rule in boxing "Protect yourself at all times".

Both men are deserving fighters and are tentatively scheduled to fight on July 26th of this year. It can't possibly be anything but a war between two real fighters, two real men. It's a fight worth waiting for. Other fighters should take note, especially Floyd Mayweather Jr. This is how real champions fight.


brian said...

Looking forward to Cotto-Margarito and hopefully Zab and Floyd will read Randy's column(Oscar-por favor-let Mayweather do the trash talk circuit on his own this time).

RL said...

The fight was officially signed today!!

I think this is Cotto's opportunity to prove who the #1 guy in WW is. I think Cotto has too much in his arsenal for Margarito, who is a tough SOB.

But in the end, Cotto's jab and left hook are going to take a toll on a taller Margarito who doesn't really use his reach to his advantage, which will be open season for Cotto.

9th round TKO for Cotto. Bring on Oscar or Floyd

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