Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pacquiao-Diaz Undercard

Steven Luevano, of La Puente, California, managed to keep his title last night after fighting to a draw with Mario Santiago of Ponce, Puerto Rico in an exciting fight that surpassed all expectations. Both fighters were down in the second round, and both took turns rocking each other. It was a classic give and take fight. I understand Santiago's grief and disappointment, to fight your heart out and end up with a draw and no title, but it was a fair decision. Santiago certainly deserves a rematch and if Luevano expects to be taken seriously as a champ, he'll give him one.

Regarding the Monte Barrett and Tye Fields "fight", and I use the term "fight" subjectively, there is not much to say. Barrett stopped the giant Fields in 57 seconds of the first round.

In one of the most controversial ending to a fight that I've seen in quite a while, super featherweight contender Humberto Soto, in what has to be the hard luck story of the year, lost the fight to journeyman Francisco Lorenzo, by disqualification, in what has to be the most ludicrous call I have ever witnessed.

In round four, after battering a thoroughly beaten Lorenzo around the ring and on the verge of a knockout, Soto was inexplicably pulled off of Lorenzo by the seeming daft and incompetent Joe Cortez, without a word of explanation and without a standing eight count for Lorenzo, then allowed to continue, and again, Soto on the verge of a knockout is pulled away from certain victory by Cortez and again allowed to continue. During the final exchange as Soto was raining blows upon Lorenzo, who on his last legs threw himself to his knees. One of Soto's punches grazed his head and confusion ensued in the ring.

Seizing the opportunity that he himself had created, Lorenzo cried foul and Cortez, who seems to be deteriorating with every fight, bought into it. Not having the the confidence to make the determination himself, in what was his call to make, and after conferring with every ring official he could find, and without a warning, or at the very least, a point deduction, Cortez finally awarding the fight to Lorenzo. It was unbelievable. Soto's career shouldn't be hurt by this and he shouldn't bother with a rematch either. All things considered Soto took it pretty well. Cortez needs to be reevaluated for his competency as a referee.

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