Thursday, July 03, 2008

Joe Cortez

I know I have been very critical of Joe Cortez' handling of the Humberto Soto-Francisco Lorenzo fight last Saturday. I feel justified in my comments but in light of Humberto Soto's assertions that Cortez is a racist, I feel a need to qualify my own statements. While I do have a problem with his recent mishandling of two fights; the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Ricky Hatton fight, and the Soto vs Lorenzo fight, my criticism has to do with what I consider an error in Cortez' judgment. Never has Cortez' character been in question. There is no evidence that he is a racist or has shown favoritism in any of his assignments. No, his character and integrity are beyond reproach.

I hope Soto let's go of that notion. Not everything is about race or racism. There is enough real racism in this world without being sidetracked by such inane accusations. Soto has fan sympathy right now. He knows he won, the fans know he won, Lorenzo knows he took the cowardly way out, and everybody and their brother knows Cortez screwed up. Accusations like that only diminishes his victory and in the long run it hurts boxing.

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brian said...

...Floyd Jr.:HBO announcers biased..(Sunday Detroit Free Press)and elsewhere;you can easily google his obnoxious,ridiculous comments he made at his "retirement celebration" in his Grand Rapids Mi. hometown."Only in America" does anybody have to put up with an HBO series featuring Mayweather's instruction on how to use the F word.He fought an Oscar De La Hoya who has basically been moonlighting as a boxer for several years and this punk refuses Oscar a rematch.MEMO to Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito:You guys have conducted yourselves with class-and Mayweather punked out on you;when he demands a fight with either of you,please tell him to _ _ _k himself.

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