Sunday, August 10, 2008

ESPN Ringside Remembers: Foreman Vs. Chuvalo

Bert Sugar looks back Foreman vs. Chuvalo

Check out George Foreman's sledgehammer punches. It's unbelievable that George Chuvalo never went down. One boxing's toughest men to ever step into the ring. Chuvalo's personal life has to be one of boxing's toughest story as well, losing three sons, two to drug overdoses and one to suicide, and then losing his wife to suicide as well. It doesn't get any more tragic or tougher than that.

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Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my site. I just saw it there a few minutes ago. Thanks also for linking to me as well. I see you did a post on Ringside's Foreman episode too. Very cool. That Chuvalo was one tough SOB. Not too many people seem to know him now, amazingly. I'll put you on my links list too. With the same template and subject, we must think a littble bit alike, lol. I like your site and will try to keep up with it. I see you've been doing this a lot longer than I have. Maybe I'll pick up some blogging pointers from it.

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