Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oscar De La Hoya vs Antonio Margarito?

Who should Oscar De La Hoya fight next? To my way of thinking there is only one fighter out there for Oscar to face and that is Antonio Margarito. Forget Manny Paquiao, forget Sergio Mora, and please, forget Felix Trinidad, whom Oscar has already beaten once fair and square. Trinidad is just a shell of his former self. He should fight Antonio Margarito. It’s the only real win -win fight out there for him and, just as importantly, for boxing fans.

It has to be tempting for Oscar to think about going out with a win over Manny, but that’s the business side of Oscar. This fight is a no win situation for Oscar, though I doubt he would lose this fight, it would really mar his career if he did and a win over Manny would produce more yawns than a George Bush State of the Union address. Because of the size difference Oscar has been criticized for even considering this fight. Personally, I don’t see the problem, especially when you consider that Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, and especially Tommy Hearns, all made a good living fighting Roberto Duran and were all naturally bigger men than Duran, who began his career as a 118 lb fighter and was the lightweight champ for seven years before moving up to the welterweights and then ultimately, the middleweights, where at the age of 38, he beat a much larger and younger Iran Barkley in 1989 to win the WBC Middleweight title. The truth is he was just a blown up light weight. As far as I’m concerned that cancels out any criticism of De La Hoya.

Again, with all that being said, Oscar should fight Margarito. Call me crazy, but It’s not inconceivable to me that Oscar, even at the age of 35, could win against Margarito, though the odds would certainly be stacked against him. Miguel Cotto has already laid out the blue print for beating him, but even if he had not, Oscar possesses the skills to out box Margarito. Style wise, and you can disagree with me if you want, Margarito is tailor made for Oscar but that is not what Oscar has to concern himself with. The bottom line with Margarito is heart and chin but he is not unbeatable, despite how unbeatable he looked against Cotto.

There is no trickery or dishonesty about the way Margarito fights, he just fights. Again, you can disagree with me if you want but Oscar De La Hoya is also an honest fighter, though his style is different than Margarito. When he has lost, he never made excuses , he took it like a man and when he has won, he did so with grace and he never ducked anyone. What more can we ask of him? My hope is that Oscar will think with the fighter side and not the business side of him, his heart not his brain and decide to fight Margarito. This would be a classic Chicano vs. Mexican fight. I’m starting to feel like one of the last of the Mohicans in my support of Oscar De La Hoya but I would like to see this fight and I would like to see Oscar win. Win, lose or draw this is the way to go out.

Oscar De La Hoya's Career Record

Antonio Margarito's Career Record


brian said...

My friend,I hate to disagree with you but...if Oscar can somehow still make 147,I doubt he can be strong enough to compete with a lot of people-particularly Margarito;I sure didn't wanna see him fight Pacquiao either.I think the weight loss would give Pacquiao a shot to win-and still think that weight loss was the big factor in Ray Leonard's beating against Terry Norris.I don't know...Winky Wright..?

Randy De La O said...

Well, you are probably more right on this, especially about the weight, though Oscar has managed to keep his weight down these last few months. My only point is that it is a possibility, though not a probability.

I think Oscar has one great fight left in him. All the stars would have to be aligned, his biorhythm in proper function, maybe even have the Pope bless his corner, and some prayers would be in order. I know that in a few of Oscar's fights, he has faded in the later rounds. If he steps into the ring in anything less than the best shape of his life it way not go the distance.

Still I am a realist. That being said, if they were to fight I'll be pulling for Oscar. I have no doubt that I am in the minority here.

....Winky Wright? That might be an interesting fight. Wright hasn't fought in over a year. That would work in Oscar's favor. All in all, I would rather see De La Hoya vs Margarito. It is just a much more appealing fight.

Regarding Leonard vs Norris. The weight may have been a factor but not all of it. Leonard was around 34 when he fought Norris, a year younger than De La Hoya. Some fighters hold up better in the later years than others. Oscar is better in his thirties than Leonard was. Much better.

ScottG said...

Your kidding right??? Ok I'll do it... Your Crazy...I must be one of the last old school fight fans who believes you should EARN a title shot not just get one handed to you because of your name. He is 3-3 in his last 6 fights Not to mention one big gift decision) or did you forget that one too. He should go back to singing(badly) for his dinner. It's amazing how our perspectives change. When Oscar was beaten by Trinidad and he was beat,not one judge gave him the nod over Trinidad. but in the case of Roperto's political decision over Barkley, at least it was a split decision and one judge had integrity. Now when it comes down to Oscar trying to claim one last stitch of glory, it shouldn't be against a guy that will beat him to a pulp. Oscar couldn't beat Cotto even if they fought 1 hour after the Cotto Margarito fight. Now for the record I am an Oscar fan even if I dont sound like one, but mostly of his earlier stuff 10 years ago and beyond. I am also a Duran fan( but a much bigger Barkley fan) But the truth is the truth and Oscar has a good thing going with Golden Boy promotions and needs to keep the good young talented guys away from those Vegas sharks like D.K. and B.A who will just use them up and spit them out. He doesn't need a last hurrah because he's all but done except trying to find a week champin to cherry pick a belt from. Margarito isn't that guy. The loss will tarnish his already downhill sliding fighting career.

Randy De La O said...

Scott, I know we have gone in circles over Duran-Barkley and De La Hoya-Trinidad, and we'll probably be arguing about those two fights in the afterlife, in fact, I'm certain of it.

As for De La Hoya's chances against Margarito, I have already admitted that his chances are slim but it's still a fight that I would like to see. I don't think a loss to a prime champ like Margarito would tarnish his legacy as much as you think, depending of course how he loses. It might even improve it. Greater fighters have lost to less.

As for Oscar earing a shot, well he wouldn't be the first. Besides it's Margarito calling him out, not the other way around. Antonio's no dummy, Oscar = Mucho Dinero!

brian said...

PS:....I also don't wanna see the upcoming Pavlik-Hopkins fight,but regarding "earning it",I'd be in shock if the number of people around the world who trust boxing organizations is in the double digits?Anybody out there think there are 10 people in the world who trust 'em?These guys gotta be entitled to make " a living";I'm always happy to see 'em tell the organizations to shove it.By the way,what did Mayweather do to earn a shot a De La Hoya?

ScottG said...

Oh, i don't know...maybe the fact that he was an undefeated champion might have had something to do with it...by the way, It's the ranking bodies I also have a problem with. You earn a title shot by actually fighting, and winning more than 50% of your fights againts legitimate contenders. Maybe it's just me like I said before. Bring back to good old days when the #2 guy fought a #3,#4, or #5 guy for a title shot. Now days the boxers handlers don't want to risk their meal ticket on a fighter that could possibly beat them before being bestowed a title shot by the money machine ranking bodies who will sell the title shots to the highest bidders.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the common fan who is gonna be fed this crock of
****. But Ive seen the real deal like cotto vs margarito, taylor vs chavez, corrales vs castillo, and I know this isn't it. What a disgrace, I can't believe De La Hoya wants to have the glory but not the risk. He has not earned the respect of the true boxing fan. Here he has the opportunity to go out in legendary fashion against Antonio Margarito but he opts to chicken out. He is going to seal his reputation as the biggest coward in boxing history,especially as a wannabe mexican fighter. I don't remember J C Chavez ducking a young up and coming lion by the name of oscar de la hoya when he was passed his prime, no he took his but whipping like a man. Just goes to show some men have the courage and others don't. What a shame, ODLH has glory starring at him in the face, in Antonio Margarito, and he decides to takes the safe route.
BOYCOTT this crap
don't spend one nickel on this
I know it is easy to get caught up in the hype if your not a hardcore boxing fan but take it from me this is a joke
5'11 middle weight vs 5'4 feather weight what a shame.
It is time for ODLH to give a little back to the fans that made him
a millionaire and give us the fight we deserve. No instead he is
spitting in our face and laughing all the way to the BANK.
Demand more, Demand the BEST
Not disrespecting Manny in any way, just speaking the tr

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