Monday, September 01, 2008



Los Angeles one of the world's great boxing cities has probably developed more sensational box-office attractions than any other city. Baby Casanova, Enrique Bolanos, Art Aragon, Raton Macias, Jose Becerra, Ricardo Moreno, Battling Torres, Mando Ramos, Ruben Olivares, Jesus Pimintel, Jose medel, Jose Napoles, Carlos Zarate, Alberto "Super Fly" Sandoval, Lupe Pintor, Ruben Navarro, Alfonso Zamora, Danny Lopez, Bobby Chacon, Pipino Cuevas, etc. literally "EXPLODED" on the L.A. fight scene with "breathtaking" action performances that made them huge drawing cards.

Los Angeles' boxing tradition goes back to the days of Jim Jeffries, Tom McCarey, the famous Los Angeles Athletic Club under the direction of George Blake who developed Fidel LaBarba, Jackie Fields, Joe Salas. The names of the fighters and movers and shakers continued with Jimmy McLarnin, Gig Rooney, George Hansford, Henry Armstrong, Turkey Thompson, John Thomas, Fitzie Fitzpatrick, Chalky Wright, The Olympic Auditorium, Cal Working, Hollywood Legion stadium, Cal and Aileen Eaton, George parnassus, Manuel Ortiz, Babe McCoy, Clarence Henry, Irish Bob Murphy, Wrigley Field, Gilmore Stadium, Jimmy Lennon, Frankie Carbo, Mickey Cohen, Howie Steindler,South Gate Arena, Don Jordon, Ramon Fuentes, the tragic teenage boxing sensation-Keeny Teran, George raft, Lupe Vellez, Main Street Gym, Billy Peacock, Duke Holloway, Canto Robleto, Boots Monroe, Dwight Hawkins, Raul Rojas, Frankie Crawford, etc.

Get the picture? All great tales. I know of no other boxing town with such a colorful or exciting story to be told, and nobody knows it better than Mr. Hap Navarro......,,,,Jackie
McCoy, Norm lockwood, Harry kabakoff, Indian (Ernie) Red Lopez, the Baltazar brothers, Ralph Gambina, Hegeman Lewis, Eddie futch, Tury (The Fury) Pineda, Carlos Palomino, Inglewood Forum, Jerry Buss, Don Chargin, Genero Hernandez, the Ruelas bros., Oscar DeLaHoya, Fernando Vargas, etc. etc.


Mike Duffau said...

great stuff by Hap! he's a wonderful link to the past.

Bob H. said...

I am asking a question concerning a friend on had times. I have a friend, Manny (Suro Oro)[Golden Lefty] Valdez or Manuel or Valdes. His uncle was a boxer the story goes, trained him, was a boxer himself, Also Manny valdez or
he is maybe 50. he and his high school bros say that he fought like 28 fights San Diego, Hawaii, maybe Russia,
pro fights. At the auditorium in LA CA. Hes light 110, Apache Indian I think. I want his fight record if possible or advise in aquiring info. Sincerely Robert Horn

R, Horn said...

Well it,s july 25 '12 and I see no comments to my query about Manny Valdez. I'll hope though!

Randy De La O said...

Bob, I did look at hoping to find his name there but he is not listed. Good luck, I'm still looking for a couple of names myself.


TMeehan said...

I'm asking about a feather-weight boxer from the 40's by the name of Antonio Luis Sanchez. Important to find anything.

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