Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sugar Shane Mosley KO's Ricardo Mayorga in the Twelfth Round

Shane Mosley looks down at Ricardo Mayorga of Nicaragua for the first knockdown of the 12th round during their junior middleweight boxing bout in Carson, California September 27, 2008. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES)

By Randy De La O

On the surface, last night's fight between Sugar Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga was a good fight, albeit not a great one. Mosley fought through his own frustrations and Mayorga's awkward free swinging style to stop Mayorga in the final seconds of the twelfth round. The ending came when Mosley knocked down Mayorga with a several punch combination. Mayorga, on shaky legs, was up before the count ended. Mosley moved in with a short, quick left hook to end the fight. In between there was a lot of frustration by Mosley, as he struggled to find his rhythm, and working past Mayorga's constant complaining. Referee David Mendoza had his work cut out for him.

Underneath the surface of the fight loomed the real problem with Mosley's performance. Mosley struggled much too hard against a fighter who is not in the same class as he is. It was clear to those that have followed Sugar Shane Mosley's career over the years that this was not the Mosley of old. Though still quick, his reactions and reflexes have slowed down considerably. He took more shots throughout the fight than he should have. The downside to Mosley's victory is his now confirmed belief that he is back in top form and ready to fight Antonio Margarito and/or Paul Williams for a title. I can't imagine anyone in his camp truly believes he can win those fights. Another thing to consider is Mosley's drawing power. Even at his peak, and especially after his wins over Oscar De La Hoya, he was never really able to pack them in, surprising considering that he is a charasmatic and popular fighter. The Home depot Center looked about 65% filled last night. What's the point now? My hope is that the powers that be in boxing, the people that care for him, and his family will convince Shane that he should retire. He has had a great career. He deserves to retire with his health. He's too good a man and too great a fighter to become a stepping stone for a younger generaton of fighters.


ScottG said...

i think your close to right on here Randy, except I think he's earned on last shot at the title as a multi champion. He will fight someone he probably wont beat. Like remember Leonard vs. Hagler. Besides the easier smaller opponent Manny Pacquiao has already been taken by another past his prime multi champion who's afraid to fight one of the guys his own size =)

Randy De La O said...

I agree, Mosley has certainly earned the right to fight for a title. He's a fighter, that's what he does. It's just that when I look at guys like Bobby Chacon, or the Quarrys or any number of fighters that fought just a little too long, I would hate to see someone as bright as Mosley end up like that. But yes, he's earned the right.

As for Oscar I'll quote Jerry Quarry "No coward ever stepped into the ring". Oscar's misguided decisions are based on business and money, I'm sorry to say.

Mike Duffau said...

i think mosley has no chance if he fights Margarito. sure, he's earned a shot at the title but i say he should retire while he's on top of his game.

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