Friday, October 17, 2008

Enrique Bolanos, Baby Arizmendi and Their Ladies

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By Roger Esty

The old photograph taken at a slant. The creases and tears. Black and white images that let you use your imagination to tell what the colors were. Creme and tan colored suits. Empty cocktail glasses with the ice melting into the last of the whiskey.Steaks all around well done. Floral arrangements on a white table cloth. Silk dresses on dark skinned beauties. (They were in the salon all afternoon). Dancing to the voice of Dick Haymes and the big band playing "Perfidia"at the Ambassador,or was it the Bonaventure?

The black and white photograph in the album. The folds and creases at a tilt let us exercise our imaginations. The early 50's. The roadster with the white sidewalls parked in the valet lot waiting for the happy foresome. I'm only guessing,but I know I'm right.

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