Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mike Quarry

The following photos are from the Johnny Chavez benefit in Azusa, California in 1993. Chavez lost his eyesight after a fight. His last fight was against Gabriel Castro at the Forum in Inglewood, California on November 6, 1092. I'm assuming that's the fight where the damage occurred. Frank Baltazar will probably know more about this. Look at the autograph on the lower right hand corner. Frankie Baltazar Jr. Always a gentleman.

It was almost as difficult speaking with Mike Quarry as it was speaking with Jerry. He was very fragile by this time as Rick Farris can probably attest to. Several of guys that Mike was speaking with were laughing at him behind his back. I pulled him away and had a good chat with him. It was painful.

I opened the show for Mike at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas on October 30, 1976 when he fought Tom Bethea. Mike won a 10 round decision. earlier that year Mike and I had sparred on three separate occasions. something I won't forget.

When I heard Mike had died and how he died, I remembered that day. He was no longer the same Mike Quarry.

R.I.P. Mike

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brian said...

RIP Mike Quarry;in any list of boxing's most 'hardest luck' families,the Quarry's will always be leading contenders.

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